First Responder Resilience: Guided Practice Workbook

Resilience is the ability to leverage tools and resources to recover well and grow stronger from adversity. Let's explore tools to build resilience.

What would it be like to feel more resilient and manage the chronic stress of the job using short targeted tools?

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You're depleted when you're off duty
  • You've gotten more cynical
  • You have trouble unwinding
  • You believe there's a better way to live

What if you could have a noticeable difference in your

  • Resilience
  • Recovery time
  • Mood on and off duty

in as little as 10 minutes practice each day?

Get started now!

In this ebook, I will

  • Review some key points about stress and resilience
  • Introduce targeted tools that can be short daily practices to build your resilience
  • Provide you with additional resources to learn more and get help

Your Instructor


Kaitlyn Daniel, M.S.,is a resilience and performance expert that helps people and organizations perform and thrive using simple and easy to implement strategies.

Kaitlyn spent over six years as a Master Resilience Trainer and Performance Expert, training Soldiers in United States Army. Since then, Kaitlyn started Learning to LEAD and provides resilience training for First Responders

Course Curriculum

Right now, you might be struggling with

  • Normal stress and frustration of the day-to-day job (which is A LOT)
  • Added stress and uncertainty of global pandemic, the current civil rights movement, and the current political climate
  • Added stress of doing the best for your family at the intersection of a stressful job and added stressful circumstances

Imagine if

  • You knew several tools that helped you disengage and unwind after a long day
  • You had the tools to quiet your mind when you're trying to relax or sleep
  • You felt replenished and ready to get back to work

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